Preparing Your Business For Nasty Weather

Preparing Your Business For Nasty Weather

Preparing Your Business For Nasty Weather

We all know how problematic storms can be in our personal lives and with our personal property. Business owners have the added risks and responsibility of keeping their business equipment, inventory and real estate safe during an impending weather disaster. Here are some basic steps to take.

Have a Disaster Plan

Assign who is responsible for what including securing outside assets to interior valuables. Sharing responsibilities in anticipation of a weather event can help take the pressure off just one or two people.

Have a Safe Place

Designate a safe place for employees in an impending storm like a tornado. This should be a lower level interior area.

Consider an Emergency Generator

Even if it is just for basic interior lighting, a back-up battery or an emergency generator can pay big dividends, especially if power should be out for multiple days. This is particularly critical if your company has perishable supplies or inventory.

Keep Important Data Backed-Up Off Premises

Today there are abundant, cost-effective cloud services that can keep your important data backed-up so you can get up and going again following a disaster.

Make Sure Premises Are Secure

Most will want to be with family if a weather disaster is approaching, so take steps now to make sure you have sufficient security measures in place to protect your property. If vehicles can’t be garaged, use them to help secure the gates and doorways.

Check Your Business Insurance

Will you be covered in the event of high winds or flooding? The time to find out details is before a disaster strikes. When you contact one of our professional independent business insurance agents, they can review your policy with you, potentially finding weak areas. They can then assist in finding business insurance you can feel comfortable with and that you can afford. They can even assist with business interruption insurance should damage prevent you from re-opening immediately.

Don’t wait for bad weather to strike. Get your free business insurance review today.

Be Confidently Insured.


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