Don’t Stop the Music

Don’t Stop the Music

Did you know musicians need insurance, too?

Think about the concept of sound for a moment. The fact that many of us are able to hear voices and harmonies and different tones is such an amazing part of life. Vibrations that our brain can register into a sound. The term “music to my ears” describes something that brings pleasure; which is exactly what music does for us.

What else is amazing is that there are people in this world that have a knack for creating sounds that flow beautifully. What they create with their gifts, we are blessed with the ability to listen; their creation brings us pleasure that is beyond measure. Tools for creating music have been around since we were born. With the combination of a musician’s ear and a fine-tuned instrument, we receive the joys of harmonies from music.

Without instruments, the gift of knowing good music would be wasted. Therefore, the value of instruments is beyond money. For musicians, there is a sentimental value to the instruments that have been their partner in music-making for years. If something were to happen to the instrument, insurance may not be able to replace the intangible sentimental value of that piece, but insurance can surely help get you a new instrument to strum.

Musicians need insurance, too. Bands that go on tour have a whole different array of risks.

Bands on tour bring a great deal of valuable electrical equipment with them. Insurance can help reimburse them for any stolen equipment.

While on stage, the crowd is unpredictable. Anything could happen. There could be an injury on stage that could be blamed on the band. Liability coverage will help insure the band in this case.

Any damage to the venue on accident would be coming out of the band’s pocket in case of a lawsuit without insurance coverage.

Musical instrument insurance is a special kind of coverage that not all insurance companies offer.  Sometimes, your homeowners or renters insurance can cover stolen items depending on the circumstances.  Even if your home policy will provide coverage, it may not be enough protection. If you have valuable musical instruments, or you’re a professional musician, it may be necessary to find an insurance company that can work with you to insure your assets.

By: KayLynn P.

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