The Letter

The Letter

The Letter

My Dear Janice,

I am writing this note to let you know that I purchased this life insurance policy for this very moment. For the moment I would no longer be here to hold you, comfort you and provide for you like I used to. It is a way for me to demonstrate my love and appreciation for everything you are and for everything you did for me.

We had some terrific times. The weekend trips, that long trip to Europe and, of course, every day with our kids. I hope you will look back with joy. I know I did.

It certainly wasn’t always easy. We had our moments. I even remember debating about getting this life insurance policy. Sure, there were a lot of others things we could have done with the money, and making premium payments wasn’t always easy. But I knew deep in my heart it was important that you be taken care of after I am gone.

The amount could never be large enough to fully express my love and appreciation. I hope, however, it makes things just a little bit easier in my absence.

I rest just a little easier knowing you have this.

I miss you already.

Love forever,


Whether there is a real Janice or Mark, or even if this exact letter exists or not, is not what’s important. It is a letter, however, that could be written in one form another with every life insurance policy written.

The fact is, life insurance policies don’t come with such letters. But they still say a lot.

They say you want there to be just a bit less grief, stress and worry. That you, perhaps, still want your loved ones to enjoy the home you built or get the college education you planned. No, they don’t come with a personal letter, but a life insurance policy still speaks volumes.

What do you want your letter to say?

If you have been avoiding or ignoring your need for a life insurance review, please don’t put it off. Contact one of our independent life insurance agents to discuss your life situation, budget, and goals. They can help explain the difference between permanent, cash value-building life insurance and economical term insurance. They can help you choose life insurance in the type and amount that will work best for you and your family.

Be Confidently Insured.


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