Independent Businesses Deserve an Independent Business Insurance Agent

Independent Businesses Deserve an Independent Business Insurance Agent

Independent Businesses Deserve an Independent Business Insurance Agent

Independent businesses, especially small to medium independent businesses, have long been the backbone of the American economy. They serve as a beacon of perseverance, work-ethic and supporters of the local communities in which they conduct business. Independent businesses are a breed of their own. They deserve business insurance representation that matches their “can do” attitude.  They deserve to be served by an independent insurance agent.

An independent insurance agent is not tied or held captive to just representing the loss prevention products of one company. Instead, they are free to represent policies from multiple companies. How does this benefit an independent business?

Well, first it provides choices. Our independent agents can have access to options a captive agent would not have. That frequently means improved coverage at better pricing. Our agents know which companies specialize in insuring companies just like yours. If you have a company with a fleet of vehicles, they know who can provide better coverage. If you are a service business concerned about liability risks, there are companies that specialize in that area. These options allow us to create a business insurance plan customized for your specific business. Independent insurance agents have more ways to resolve problems and make sure their customers are happy, just like independent business owners.

Every independent business is unique. Some own property, others lease space. Some produce a product and there are those who provide a service. You may be operating a business from home on your own or have dozens or hundreds of employees. Our independent insurance agents will discuss your business, your risks and your business insurance needs. They then go to work, building a program that works best for you.

See for yourself the difference working with an independent insurance agent can make for your coverage and premiums. Contact us and get started. You deserve an insurance agent who appreciates what the word “independent” means in business. We invite you to learn more from one of our independent insurance agents by connecting with us today.

Be Confidently Insured.


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