Are My Expensive Chrome Wheels Covered?

Are My Expensive Chrome Wheels Covered?

Are My Expensive Chrome Wheels Covered?

America’s love affair with its cars is over a century old. From the very beginning, there’s always been those willing to customize their automobiles in a variety of ways. From the hot rods of the fifties to the low riders of the 1970s, cars have been a way to express ourselves. Today, that expression is most likely to be made in extraordinarily large chrome rims, thumping sound systems, raised truck bodies and specialized paint jobs. The question is, are those expensive chrome wheels and other after-market add-ons covered by your present auto insurance?

Unless you’ve notified your insurance company, the answer is, no, not likely.


Your car insurance and its premiums are largely based on the make model and year of the vehicle, along with its standard features. When these features are upgraded through a premium stereo system, high-value chrome wheels or custom paint job, it changes the value of the vehicle beyond what your insurance will provide coverage for. This is why if you have made a significant custom change to your car or truck, you should contact your insurance agent.

Your insurance policy usually will require a rider or an addendum to account for this added value to your car or truck, especially since it may be at more risk. An automobile with expensive rims or an expansive audio system may be more of a target to thieves. It therefore requires additional coverage. While this may lead to slightly higher costs, that cost can be offset with additional security features added to the vehicle. Your independent insurance agent can help you maneuver through the process.

If you or someone you know has upgraded a vehicle through oversized chrome wheels, tires, lighting, premium sound or other features, make sure the vehicle is fully covered. Contact us for a quote today. We work with companies who specialize in covering such features to minimize the financial impact on your budget. We look forward to assisting you.

Be Confidently Insured.


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