This Season’s Driving Risks

This Season’s Driving Risks

Winter time, with all the icy roads and abundance of snow?

Nope, that’s surprisingly not the case. The riskiest time to drive is believed to be summertime.

This summer take extra precaution on the roads to ensure a safe arrival to your destination.

Why are the roads dangerous in the summertime?

The crazy drivers are on the loose. . . because they’re out of school. There are hundreds of rookie drivers on the roads at all times of the day now, enjoying their summertime freedom. That sense of freedom in the youngsters may cause them to drive slightly erratically, so keep an eye out and drive away from the teenagers.

Travelers. Especially if you live in a tourist town, the traffic is going to increase tremendously. Drivers from all different states come to visit—bringing their familiar driving patterns with them. With Colorado drivers, mixed with New York drivers, and Texas drivers…anyway, it can get a little chaotic.

Construction. Have you ever noticed the absurd amount of construction during the summertime? As if the traffic wasn’t already bad enough. The truth is, the dry weather in the summertime makes a cleaner slate for reconstruction. With the ice and snow in the wintertime, it’s a lot more difficult to get the job done. Construction, unfortunately, leads to excessive traffic.

Keep in mind when you’re driving this summer to watch out for reckless drivers, and always keep a good distance between the car in front of you. Avoid braking too quickly. Try not to go anywhere in a rush. Take a few extra steps just to make sure you’re safe.

Be Confidently Insured.


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