3 Long Term and 1 Instant Way to Save Money on Auto Insurance

3 Long Term and 1 Instant Way to Save Money on Auto Insurance

3 Long Term and 1 Instant Way to Save Money on Auto Insurance

Those serious about saving money on their car insurance should be playing the long game to achieve the desired savings, especially if they have a spotty driving record. But even those with a less than perfect driving record can potentially save money almost instantly. Here are three steps to take long-term, and one step you can take that could almost instantly save you on automobile insurance.

Long Term

  1. Drive safer. Traffic citations don’t necessarily go on your permanent record. Depending on the seriousness, they will drop off after several years. Maintaining a clean, safe driving record is crucial in qualifying for lower rates. A few years may seem like a long time, but you can reward your patience with savings in the long-term.
  2. Improve your credit rating. This too, can take a few years but is a worthwhile challenge. Automobile insurance companies have found a correlation between how safe a person drives and how responsible they are financially. Clean up your credit and get ready to save.
  3. Purchase your next car with insurance rates in mind. Most people buy a car without giving thought to the impact it will have on their car insurance rates. Narrow your new car choices to two or three, and see the impact each potentially has on your insurance premiums. There may be a clear winner in helping you save.

Short Term

  1. This is so simple yet many don’t take the time. Contact one of our independent car insurance agents. Because they are not tied to representing just one brand of insurance, they contact a network of companies. Each company provides a quote, and you make the final choice. Even those with a bumpy driving history or less than perfect credit may still be able to save over their current payments.

So, go ahead. Take that initial step and contact us to compare. Then make the long-term decision to drive safer, improve your credit, and compare rates before buying that next car. Before you know it you’ll be saving money like a Rock Star!

Be Confidently Insured.


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